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While one man celebrates with his friends,

another man lives alone,

far away from the rest of the world,

hoping to hear, yet afraid to answer,

a knock at the door.


While one woman enjoys motherhood,

another woman remains locked in a garden,

thinking herself unfit to ever be a mother,

let alone free again.


For most, peace brings prosperity,

but with it, new predators in the water.

A prince of fortune and a golden queen

are on the rise with each year that passes,

and many begin to fear the power of their growing treasure.


Meanwhile, a soldier has been trying to unlock and remember his past,

fearing his original mission remains incomplete,

that some greater threat still lurks beneath the surface.


An old man suddenly reappears on scene.

Set pieces begin to move, players take their cues,

and soon all are lifted onto the stage and into the skylight.


The only way to fix what they have broken,

redeem those who have fallen,

and be free at last

is to rediscover what it means to be Children of Mother...

and learn the true name of the spirit

that is still with them and has been all along.

A lot can happen in ten years. Even more in one summer.


The time has come for the ones

Crowned by Gold.

The war is over...

but some wounds have yet to heal.

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