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A thousand years...

...since the Children of Mother left the Garden,
the Millennium Kingdom is on the brink of civil war.

Magic is forbidden by
the Queen,
but that will not stop
the Duke Dereth.
Records of the Ancients are almost as dangerous as their weapons,
and Her Majesty is prepared to use the elite knights of S.W.O.R.D. to intervene.

Prince Jadian
does not want his throne,
but is even more reluctant to let his mother continue to wield its power.
Karathiel, the Duke's daughter,
does not want her father's plans for revolution to succeed.
Playing the role of spies, an arranged marriage may keep the peace,
or only bring their parents closer to the edge.
Arkelius, Captain of S.W.O.R.D.,
has sworn to protect a throne he has no legitimate claim to,
even at the cost of his life.
Evra, orphan become pirate,
wants only to reclaim her lost treasure:
the Prince himself.

All plans are overthrown in the wake of a star falling from the sky,

bringing an Ancient with it.
The Sorcerer has returned.

The Garden awaits. Great Mother watches, and beckons.

There is no more time for role-playing games.

Together or apart,

Jadian and Karathiel will become the best hope for,
and the closest threat to,
 the rule of...

the Royal Green

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