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A year and a half since the revolution...

...a man in exile at sea

wants a way to return to shore,

but is also afraid to.

Still recovering from the grim price of his freedom,

he is haunted by the woman he left behind.

The Captain at his side thinks he is ready

to take part in the world again,

but the debate is settled when both are captured

and summoned for a discreet mission

of immense importance to the leader of

the new Republic...


Six months since the Burning Stage...

...a woman on the run

yearns to find her twin blade,

fearing the worst.
Still holding out hope for her Shadow Prince,

she learns the soldiers of the new Republic

are not the only ones looking for her.

The knights of S.W.O.R.D. are watching,

waiting for the right moment to strike back

and retake the Kingdom.

The Prince walked away from his Throne,

but the new Captain of S.W.O.R.D.

and the High Priestess of the Faith

see another way.

The revolution is over,

but the war has just begun.

A thousand blades stand ready

to carve the way for the one

in Silver Throned

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